F E R R U G I N O U S   P Y G M Y   O W L
(Pavita Ferruginea)


This adventurous little Pygmy Owl perches securely atop his favorite ‘eating post’ he holds in his clutches a green tree lizard freshly captured from the garden. This bold little predator looks you squarely in the eye as if to deter a potential challenge for his hard fort meal.

The Pygmy Owl measures 5.2” when fully matured and can be found from the US to as far south as central Argentina. These small owls can be seen in daytime unlike some other owls that are only evident at night.

They feed on small mammals, as well as lizards, snakes and scorpions.



B A T   F A L C O N  with  B A R N   S W A L L O W
(Falco rufigularis)            (Hirundo rustica)


Its dusk and a Bat Falcon is in hot pursuit of a Barn Swallow the life and death spectacle of predator and prey played out against the light of a crescent moon.

The Bat Falcon measures 9-12” in length and can be found alone or in pairs.

Described as the Ferrari of the bird world the Bat Falcon’s flight is very swift and catches its prey on the wing. Can be seen hunting bats, small birds, swifts and swallows at dusk. They are found in parts of South America and on the island of Trinidad.

The Barn Swallow measures up to 6” in length and can be found in Trinidad and Tobago and as far east as Asia and South Africa. These swallows can be seen in open areas flying at medium and low heights in small groups.