P I G M Y   K I N G F I S H E R
(chloroceryle aenea)

This exquisite Kingfisher perches quietly on a dry branch overhanging the Maraval River. He searches the cool clear waters beneath him for small fish and tadpoles.

This tiny bird, measuring only 5", is usually found in pairs around edges of small streams, rivers and mangrove swamps.

Photo Courtesy Michael Bonaparte



S A F F R O N   F I N C H
(sicalis flaveola)

The pair of Saffron Finches on a blossom of Pride of Barbados.

These delightful birds measuring 5.5", are usually found in pairs or small flocks up to fifteen. They can be seen singing from tree tops or foraging near the ground or grass and weed seeds. Finches can be found in open grasslands throughout Trinidad. They are slso found in parts of South America.

Photo Courtesy Michael Bonaparte

Private Collection