G R E E N - R U M P E D   P A R R O T L E T
(forpus passerinus)

The cluster of parakeets (as they are commonly called), at break of day.

Their bright green plumage is in stark contrast to the exotic heleconia that hangs beneath them. These endearing little birds, measuring only 5", can be found in pairs or flocks of fifty or more. They feed on fruits, seeds and flowers and can also be found in tropical South America, north of the Orinoco River

Photo Courtesy Michael Bonaparte

Private Collection

T U R Q U O I S E   T A N A G E R
(tangara mexicana)

Pair of Turquoise Tanagers on Cashews.

These exotic Tanagers measure 5.2" and are usually found in small groups around the forest edge. They feed on fruits and insects and inhabit thickly forested areas in the Northern and central ranges of Trinidad. They can also be found in parts of South America.

Photo Courtesy Michael Bonaparte

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