December 20, 2014


W H I T E   H A W K
(leucopternis albicollis)

This extremely handsome hawk measures 18" - 22" and can be seen on the foothills of the Northern Range in Arima, Mt. St. Catherine in Chaguaramas and soring above Monos Island Tinidad. The White Hawk is unafraid and conspicuous seeking out his prey with precision. Usually alone, this apex predator feeds on reptiles like lizards and snakes.

Photo Courtesy Michael Bonaparte

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B L U E   C R O W N E D   M O T M O T
(momotus momota)

The exotic Mot Mot sits quietly on a dry branch in the rain forest.
This fascinating bird, measuring 18"‚ can be found alone or in pairs in lightly forested areas or close to river edges. The Mot Mot is well known in Tobago and also in forested areas in Trinidad. The Mot Mot appears in many Caribbean's travel magazines as one of the most strikingly beautiful birds in the region.

Photo Courtesy Michael Bonaparte

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